Medical Student and Trainee GPs

GP REGISTRARS (ST1,2 or 3): As a training practice we may have doctors working in the surgery who are completing their specialist vocational training to become GPs. These doctors are fully qualified and experienced in hospital medicine. They are referred to as GP Registrars and assigned to the practice as part of their training scheme usually for periods of 6 or 12 months at a time. These Drs continue to undertake specific GP education sessions during their working week and are always clinically supervised by a senior GP within the practice who may review patients together with the GP registrar or will at least discuss the patients seen with them to ensure appropriate and safe care.

FOUNDATION YEAR 2 DOCTORS (FY2): These doctors are within their first 2 years post qualification and based at the hospital. They are offered an opportunity to work in a practice for 3-4 months with a view to expanding their knowledge and experience of General Practice and hopefully inspiring them to chose General Practice as a specialist career. These Drs are closely supervised with all patients clinically reviewed by a senior GP. 

MEDICAL STUDENTS : The practice is an undergraduate teaching practice, taking medical students throughout 4 of their 5 years at the University of Birmingham's Medical school. these students may sit in with our GPs during consultations, however our GP will check if you are happy with this and you have the right to decline, if you wish. Patients with certain medical conditions may be contacted and invited to take part in teaching medical students.

NURSING STUDENTS : Trainee nurses from year 2 of the 3 year nursing degree course from the University of Worcester are hosted at the practice. they are assigned to our pwn practice nursing team to experience General Practice and consolidate their general nursing skills and knowledge. These trainees work under the supervision of our own qualified practice nurses. 

PHYSICIAN ASSOCIATES: Students from both years of the University of Worcester's post graduate diploma in Physician Associate studies are hosted at the practice.  The students already hold an MSc degree in a health science and are undertaking post graduate study to qualify as a Physician Associate. Physician Associates work alongside Doctors in hospitals and General Practice and compliment the medical team. Supporting the training and development of this role is especially important as the supply of General Practitioners will be unable to meet the population's general healthcare needs in the future without the support of such practitioners. These students may be sitting in with our GPs or more senior students may conduct a consultation with you which will then be reviewed by the supervising GP. These students are clinically supervised at all times by a senior GP.