GDPR and Privacy

General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDfR) & National Data Opt-Out

You may have heard or read in the media about NHS Digital Data Sharing. The NHS needs data about the patients it treats in order to plan and deliver its services and to ensure that care and treatment provided is safe and effective. The General Practice Data for Planning and Research data collection will help the NHS to improve health and care services for everyone by collecting patient data that can be used to do this.

To help you to make an informed decision about data whether you would like to opt-out of sharing your data and to submit your sharing choice, please click on the links below : and

Please note - Your National data opt-out choices cannot be set through GP systems.  All choices have to be submitted via the "your-nhs-data-matters" link.

Your data matters to the NHS: Your health and care information is used to help the NHS, Hospitals, Universities and local authorities research new treatments, plan heath service provision and the NHS workforce. Wherever possible anonymised data is used, but sometimes some confidential patient information may be necessary such as control of communicable diease or other public health risk, legal requirement or overriding public interest.